Thunderstorms to continue in Interior Tamil Nadu

While rest of Tamil Nadu has been enjoying good spells of rains Chennai was just a spectator as the thunderstorms teased the citizens & avid weather watchers alike.  Coming as close as 30 kms away and leaving just a sound & light show on Tuesday evening further aggravated the disappointment for all.  Yesterday though things changed a little bit with many areas of the city receiving light spells of passing showers while a few southern suburbs along OMR & ECR recorded more than passing showers.

Though in the end it was not enough to satiate our expectations it did keep the temperatures low making it a fairly pleasant Kathiri day. Not only Chennai benefited from a pleasant Kathiri day many other places of Tamil Nadu also enjoyed similar weather conditions as early thunderstorms in the day kept temperatures under check across the state.  The chart with blues dominating pretty much sums up the temperature front yesterday in Tamil Nadu.

Today is likely to be another day of reckoning for places along the Western Ghats as places on either side of the Ghats in Kerala & Tamil Nadu likely to witness moderate to intense late afternoon thunderstorms.  As was the case on Tuesday South Tamil Nadu is likely to see good rains today with Virudhunagar, Madurai, Theni, Tirunelveli & Dindigul districts along with parts of Coimbatore & Nilgiris districts.  Things could be quieter for North Tamil Nadu though a few isolated spells of light rains may be possible in a few areas.

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