Tstorms to ease over Tamil Nadu as heat set to return

The thunderstorms season that has been active for the past few days over Tamil Nadu is set to gradually ease over large parts of the state as heat is expected to return back from early next week.

With the seasonal wind change from Easterlies to Westerlies expected to complete the second half of Agni Nakshathiram is expected to show its true face. In our post dated 3rd May https://www.chennairains.com/agni-natchathiram-2017-sedate-start/ we had indicated this possibility and now it looks closer to reality.

Numerical models are indicating the day time temperatures for Chennai to be high by about 3 / 4 degrees over the next week as possible northwesterly winds hold sway during the afternoon bringing up the Chennai summer data which we briefly witnessed during cyclone Maarutha days. During this period there is a more than fair chance of Chennai Nungambakkam touching it’s first 40°C of the year while interiors like Vellore / Tiruttani could see seriously heat wave like conditions.

On the rain front we will slowly see the rains stick to places closer to the western ghats with South Tamil Nadu better placed for the spells of rains as compared to places in North TN.

What ever little chance Chennai had to get some little rains has started to fade and we will now have to wait for Southwest Monsoon to make a grand entry and climb up the latitudes for our thunderstorm season to kick off.


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