Summer Rains in Tamil Nadu, set to continue today as well

After a fairly hot day Summer Rains in Tamil Nadu came as a welcome relief for many parts of the state.  Particularly North Tamil Nadu interior places along with some parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu received these overnight rains.  In a welcome relief for the people of Pondicherry  the city recorded about 48 mm of overnight rains till today morning.


Most parts of Tamil Nadu is likely to see another hot day with temperatures in the interior region expected to stay around 39 / 40 degrees across the North Interior parts of the state while coastal areas around places like Chennai should see the day time max temperatures in the region of 38 degrees.


In what is likely to be another day of Summer Rains in Tamil Nadu we could possibly see parts of North Tamil Nadu & South Andhra Pradesh get some spells of evening thunderstorms.   While it is always a case of rough approximation of possible location of the summer thunderstorms thanks to role played by local factors and exact wind patterns the overall estimates by models is quite a few places in North Tamil Nadu is likely to receive spells of rains today as well.