Near Normal Temperatures in Tamil Nadu, likely rains over Interior parts

Yesterday saw temperatures in Tamil Nadu register close to normal or in some cases below normal as well under the influence of remnant moisture that was present from the previous day thunderstorms that impacted many parts of the state.  In what does not happen often Thootukudi was the hottest place in the state according to the temperature data from IMD Chennai.  Once in a blue moon scenario one very rarely sees Thootukudi topping temperatures in Tamil Nadu particularly around the month of May /  June.


Today also temperatures in Tamil Nadu could be near normal or in some cases below normal as well under Partly cloudy conditions.  While the Coastal areas could be under high clouds that could possibly make it a humid day with temperatures around 37 degrees for places like Chennai the interiors particularly around the Western parts of the state could see thunderstorms develop in the late afternoon under ideal CAPE that is seen evolving in the region.  Most places in the state could see maximum temperatures to be south of 40 degrees going by Numerical Model Outputs.


During Pre Monsoon / Southwest Monsoon season it is the interior places that stand the best chance of getting thunderstorms thanks to the remnant moisture that travels across the Peninsular India & creates the necessary platform for the subsequent development of thunderstorms under localized conditions like Heat induced convention or CAPE that is necessary to trigger the instability for thunderstorms.  Today is likely to be no different with the Tri Junction of West Interior Tamil Nadu, South Interior Karnataka & Rayalaseema region ideally placed for possible development of thunderstorms around late afternoon / evening. There is some possibility of some coastal areas of Tamil Nadu getting some left over thunderstorms this will depend on wind direction & speed and is difficult to predict unless the thunderstorms in the interiors develop well.