Partly cloudy conditions to keep Chennai Temperature under check

After few days of relentless heat isolated rains were seen in parts of Chennai temperature has also shown almost 3 degrees reduction from yesterday at similar times bringing some respite to the city.  While it is likely some isolated rains may continue over the next hour or so mostly things are expected to clear off as the day moves forward.


The temperatures across the state is likely to see some reduction compared to the last few days as most places will see today’s maximum temperature couple of degrees lower than the peak of 25th May. Particularly North Tamil Nadu around the coast could benefit from partly cloudy conditions that is likely to keep Chennai temperature under check though the partly cloudy conditions could possibly increase the humidity levels thereby making it more uncomfortable as the day progresses.


Models are indicating possibly some rains in parts of interior Tamil Nadu particularly around the places of Dharmapuri, Velllore and adjoining South AP regions  These rains could be aided by the heat induced convection and also benefiting from good CAPE values triggering the necessary instability for thunderstorms to develop around late evening.  With some luck isolated thunderstorms could move towards Chennai providing some rain prospects around late night / early morning.