Southwest Monsoon ends at 14% Deficit Nationally

Southwest Monsoon officially has come to an end with an overall deficit of 14% in comparison to long term average rainfall.  East & Northeast India ended up as the region with least negative anomaly of 8% less than normal rainfall while Northwest India ended up the worst region at 17% deficit. From today the rainfall would be accounted as Post 
Monsoon season for the rest of the country and for states like Tamil Nadu as Northeast Monsoon.


With the East West Shear Zone running across Southern Peninsula all the way from Indo China to Arabian Sea a lot of moisture is getting recirculated over Peninsular India providing rainfall opportunities over many places of South India.  As has been the case for the last few days the Western side of Peninsular India would be getting the heavier spells of the rains.  Parts of South Karnataka & North Karnataka along the West Coast could get spells of heavy rains particularly around the region of Bellary / Belgaum etc.  Parts of Rayalseema & Telengana could also get one and off heavy spells of rains.


Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Many parts of Interior Tamil Nadu received fairly heavy spells of rains with Kanchipuram & Tiruvanamalai districts getting the bulk of rains.


Compared to the last few days the overall rainfall for Tamil Nadu would come down though isolated places in Western TN around Nilgiris / Coimbatore would get on and off isolated spells of heavy rains.  In South TN the coastal places around Rameswaram could get one or two spells of rains as well.  Overall the rain bands would have slightly moved up North compared to last few days. One or two places in North TN could get isolated passing showers during the morning

Chennai Weather Update: Compared to last couple of days the surface level easterlies are slowing down under the diminishing influence of the Bay circulation.  Consequent to this temperatures could go up a couple of degrees comparatively.  One or two areas could receive isolated spells of passing showers in the morning under the influence of remnant easterlies moving overland