Tamil Nadu Weather – Isolated Rain Prospects for North TN

After a few days of getting almost daily rains, most parts of TN had a break from rains except for some isolated spells of rains over North TN.  These spells were neither heavy nor widespread.  The wind patterns have changed back to Westerlies after a few days of Easterlies weather thanks to the circulation in the bay.

Southwest Monsoon has further withdrawn from almost all of North India and some more places in Central India.  Similar retreat pace is expected in the days to come.


Rains over South India is expected to continue tomorrow as well thanks to a combination of factors.  While west coast is expected to get rains from lower level moisture push from the Arabian Sea parts of Interior Karnataka, Rayalseema & may be one or two places in Telengana & North TN could get spells of heavy rains thanks to low level Wind Discontinuity and Middle level wind convergence.  Hyderabad in Telenagana could get some spells of rains tomorrow while Anantapur, Cuddapah, Chittoor & Tirupati could get one or two heavy spells of rains.   Bangalore, Davangare, Hubli, Belgaum areas could get heavy spells of rains tomorrow. Slide3

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: With westerlies slowly setting up once again the temperatures are expected to slowly rise over most parts of TN with the Northern plains primed to have a day time temperature around 34°C while the interior places of Central & South TN could see a degree more around 35°C.   North TN could see some thunderstorms develop later tomorrow around late night  particularly around the areas of Vellore & Pondy

Chennai Weather Update: Warmer day on the cards with temperature around 34°C.  Fair chance of late night rains in a few areas as thunderstorms move from the west towards the coast.