Some More Respite from Hot Weather in Tamil Nadu

After pretty much scorching fore more than a week yesterday saw some respite from Hot Weather in Tamil Nadu.  Most places recorded temperatures that were a couple of degrees lesser than the peaks of the previous day when extreme heat wave conditions hit most parts of the state on Sunday.  Compared to the previous day when 5 places recorded in excess of 42 degrees yesterday saw only three places record temperatures in excess of 41 degrees indicating how the temperature pattern evolved overall across the state.original

Today we are likely to see some more reduction in temperatures with coastal areas possibly enjoying a pretty much moderate day in what is likely to be a rare summer day when temperatures in some of the places are likely to be around 35 degrees.  Most interior places of Tamil Nadu are likely to see temperatures in the region of 40 degrees while Coastal areas will see temperatures around 36 / 37 degrees.


As one can observe from the table above a degree or two reduction is being expected today by Numerical Weather Models compared to yesterday.  In what is also likely to bring some respite night time temperatures are expected to come down at most places of the state making it far more comfortable compared to the humid nights we have been seeing for most of last week.


Today also conditions are likely to be dominated by the Southerlies / Southeasterlies keeping the temperatures under check.  Going by model indications it is likely we could see some reduction in the heat wave conditions of Andhra & Telengana though still isolated patches of the region could see day time high touching 44 / 45 degrees in a few places.  All in all though today is likely to be a far better day compared to the last few days and certainly a respite from Hot Weather in Tamil Nadu can be expected.

Rains are likely in few parts of Kerala & South Tamil Nadu along with one or two interior  places in South Karnataka & Andhra under the influence of the Line of Wind Discontinuity that is running along in  the Peninsular India.