Another moderate Chennai Summer Day ahead

Yesterday saw a fairly moderate Chennai Summer day with temperatures recording very close to normal.   While the temperatures were lower by a couple of degrees compared to the last week the winds from the Sea meant humidity was high increasing the stickiness and making it an uncomfortable day.  Things are expected to be similar today as well.


Under the influence of the Line of Wind Discontinuity that is running almost right through Peninsular India all the way up to Comorin Sea parts of Deccan Plateau region could receive isolated spells of rains.  One or two places in Karnataka, Telengana, Odisha & Coastal AP are inline to receive these showers.  Depending on atmospheric conditions we could see possible hailstorms in isolated places.  Parts of Kerala & South TN also is likely to receive rains from this wind instability.   Particularly around the Western Ghats region there is better chance of rains in Tamil Nadu.


Temperatures are expected to stay slightly lower than yesterday at most places with coastal areas of Tamil Nadu enjoying another moderate day thanks to the moderating influence of the Easterlies.  Interior region is also expected to see marginal reduction in temperatures compared to yesterday while most parts of Maharashtra & Karnataka are likely to see higher than normal temperatures thanks to the land winds blowing into the Western Coast side.


As seen from the table above its going to be a possibly moderate Chennai Summer day with temperatures in the region of around 36 degrees though humidity will be around 70% making it an extremely sticky day and uncomfortable right through the afternoon.  Interior places like Vellore etc are likely to see a marginal reduction in day time temperatures compared to yesterday continuing the trend of sub 40 degree temperatures like yesterday.