Record Breaking South India Heat Wave to slow down marginally

In what was a record breaking day the Extreme South India Heat Wave scorched its way to new record highs breaking some that are few days old and some that are few decades old.   Mysore,  Bengaluru, Mandya, Tirupati & Dharmapuri all have recorded their hottest day ever yesterday.  Mandya just recorded its hottest day ever yesterday which has once again been broken.  Mysore broke its almost a century old record yesterday. Similarly places like Titalagarh, Tondi & Madurai have recorded their hottest April days ever yesterday.


Note: The highest recorded temperature in Bangalore is 38.9 on 22nd May 1931. The table has 38.3 a typo which is the hottest April day 

Things are expected to marginally ease in South India Heat Wave like conditions that has been gripping for most parts of South India will slow down its grip. Temperatures are expected to ease by about a degree or two today thanks to the dominance of more Easterly Breeze that is expected to keep the temperatures in check over the coastal areas while it could provide some respite to the interior region.  Particularly parts of Andhra & Telengana will enjoy a much needed respite as temperatures are expected to stay lower than 45 degrees at most places as the extreme heat wave conditions slow down in the region.


Most parts of Tami Nadu is also likely to see temperatures ease today with couple of degrees reduction expected at almost all across the state.  Particularly the Coastal areas will see some reduction in temperatures due to the winds from the East though it will probably increase the humidity thereby retaining the extremely uncomfortable nature of the day.

Parts of Kerala is likely to see rains under the influence of the Easterlies meeting the Westerlies in the region.  Areas around the Western Ghats could enjoy a spell or two of heavy rains along both Kerala & Tamil Nadu.  Similar conditions could see one or two places in West Tamil Nadu & South Tamil Nadu receive spells of isolated showers.  #Chennai is likely to see a fairly hot and humid day though oppressive heat may not be present.