Slight Easing of Temperatures expected for Tamil Nadu

Yesterday saw a slight easing of temperatures in Tamil Nadu compared to the previous days Karur was the only town to touch 40 and places like Coimbatore, Salem & Vellore saw day time maximum record a notch lower than Sunday.  Even in Chennai both the observatories recorded a shade lower than the Highest of 2017 recorded on Sunday.

Similar trend is expected today as well with temperatures staying a notch or so lower than the highs seen on Sunday with most interior places of Tamil Nadu recording in the region of 38°C with some isolated 39s’ in places like Karur, Vellore, Coimbatore & Salem. Coastal areas like Chennai could see temperatures stay around 34 degrees well below yesterday as early Sea Breeze is expected to keep the temperatures under check making it a moderately hot day.

Going by numerical model outputs similar conditions are expected to prevail for the next couple of days before the temperatures start to rise once again from 7th / 8th of April.  The first serious summer spell could possibly happen around 10th of April where some of the interior places could see day time temperatures reach up to 4 / 5 degrees above normal in Peninsular India.  While coastal areas may not see such high abnormalities almost all of TN could see an appreciable increase in day time weather conditions.

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