Hot Conditions to persist in Interior Tamil Nadu

Most of Tamil Nadu including places like Chennai saw an increase in temperature yesterday with Chennai recording its hottest day of 2017 for both the city and airport observatories. In all about 9 places in Tamil Nadu saw the maximum day time temperatures hit the century mark (100°F) mark including Chennai Airport.

Similar conditions are likely to persist today as well with the interior places of Tamil Nadu seeing the day time conditions stay a couple of degrees above normal with places like Vellore, Karur, Namakkal, Trichy, Madurai & Salem seeing fairly hot conditions.  Coimbatore is also likely to see temperatures stay close to 39 degrees as  mostly clear skies allow for the radiation to build up the heat during the day.

Coastal areas like Chennai could see temperatures stay in the region of 34 / 35 degrees though going by numerical models there could be a marginal reduction in temperatures compared to yesterday.

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