Slight Dip in Night Time Temperatures expected for North Tamil Nadu

On the occasion of Farmers Festival we wish all our farming friends from Tamil Nadu and rest of India a Happy Pongal / Sankranthi / Lohri.  We sincerely hope and pray Mother Nature provides good support in the coming Farming Season.  

Just like the farmers we are a bunch of weather bloggers who love the prospect of rains at the drop of a hat.  And we would waste no time in providing our inference about Rainfall Prospects the moment we are clear and confident based on available numerical model outputs.  Though model outputs indicate some possibility of rains in the days to come we still do not have the confidence yet on the said event may be in a day or two we should see some consistency on the sequence of events which will confirm the probability of the rains for Tamil Nadu in the coming days.  Till then please bear with us we would prefer to be sure rather than build expectations especially on a drought year based on ifs and buts.

In the meanwhile on the current weather front mostly clear weather on the cards for most of Tamil Nadu with possible chance of a slightly decrease in the night time temperatures for North Tamil Nadu.  After a couple of warmer than normal nights things are expected to be closer to normal over most parts of North Tamil Nadu.  Chennai is likely to see day time maximum temperature of about 30 degrees and night time minimum temperature of around 21 degrees.

On the occasion of Pongal we request all our well wishers to taken an oath on using water judicioulsy in the coming days especially for unnecessary applications when our farmers have had to forego entire year’s hardwork due to the drought conditions.  Let us do our bit and hope Nature rewards our sacrifices.

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