Fairly Clear Weather in Tamil Nadu likely for Pongal Weekend

The last few days have seen Weather in Tamil Nadu stay true to winter conditions with dry outlook across the region As the state gets ready for the Pongal festivities weather in Tamil Nadu is likely to continue under mild winter conditions with temperatures a shade higher than the last few days.

North India continues to reel under severe cold wave conditions with most places recording night time temperatures in single digits and places like Shimla etc getting into sub zero temperatures after a few years of warmer than normal winters.  Even the NCR region has been fairly cold with both the observatories of Delhi recording sub 5°C temperatures yesterday.  The cold wave conditions are likely to continue over the weekend after which things could slightly ease on the bitter cold front.

While most parts of North & Central India is seeing cold wave conditions Peninsular India has been mostly seeing warmer than normal night time temperatures.  The only exception to this is parts of Telengana adjoining the Vidharba region and some places in North Interior Karnataka that have been seeing the fringe effects of the cold wave conditions in Central Indian region.

During the Pongal Weekend Weather in Tamil Nadu is going to be fairly dry with slightly warmer than normal temperatures.  Consequent to the Easterly winds we are likely to see the humidity as well increase along the coastal areas making it slightly uncomfortable at times.

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