Above Normal Night Time Temp Trend to continue in Tamil Nadu

The last couple of days has seen the night time temperatures in the plains of Tamil Nadu show an increase.  This trend is more pronounced in the North Interior parts of Tamil Nadu and the adjoining areas of South AP in the Rayalaseema region.  If one looks at the temperature trends of some of the places in the region this is clearly visible with the last couple of days seeing the temperature creep up over the last couple of days after a brief dip around Monday / Tuesday.

If one were to look at the overall temperature trends most places in this belt has seen its lowest around the Christmas time and the current temperatures are about 2 / 3 degrees higher. Unlike late December when the surface level winds were more Northerly bringing in the dry cold wind from Central India & the Northern Parts of Deccan Plateau this time around the winds are more Easterlies in this side of Peninsular India making it more moderate during the nights.

Going by model outputs tonight also is likely to see most parts of Tamil Nadu & South AP record above normal night time temperatures while Telengana, Maharasthra and parts of North Interior Karnataka could see below normal temperatures.  Some of the higher reaches in Western Ghats could see night time temperatures dip a degree or two below normal tonight though this will be restricted to a few pockets possibly in the higher reaches.  The trend of above normal temperature is expected to continue over the next couple of days across the region.

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