Searing Heat in Tamil Nadu sets the tone for coming Summer

Yesterday saw Searing Heat in Tamil Nadu show itself with Vellore recording 41.1 degrees the highest in the state so far this year.  Along with Salem & Karur which had already recorded 40 degrees yesterday also saw Trichy & Madurai join the 40 degree gang as these places recorded high temperatures during the day.  Incidentally Vellore, Trichy and Madurai record their hottest March day in the last decade yesterday.  While Chennai Nungambakkam continues to be under more moderate conditions suburban Airport has not been as lucky with temperatures crossing 38 degrees for the last couple of days.

While we are likely to see some respite from the extreme heat from possibly Friday it may not mean a huge reduction in temperatures.  Numerical Models are expecting this spell of across the board “Above 40 degrees day time temperature” to slow down from Friday while North India is expected to see its share of heat wave from possibly Saturday onwards.


Today will also see no respite for most places of South India with Telengana and Andhra Pradesh continuing to see day time temperatures scorch right through the region.  Maximum  temperatures are expected to be around 3 /4 degrees higher than normal in this region with many places seeing above 40 temperatures once again.

Today could possibly see the last day of Searing Heat in Tamil Nadu in the current spell with places in North Tamil Nadu and interior regions of the state once again bearing the brunt of this sizzling conditions.  Today will also see a few places in the state record above 40 degrees with places around Trichy & Karur likely to see oppressive conditions during the day.

Chennai is likely to see once again hot and humid conditions with another possibly opportunity available today to go to clock possibly the hottest March day of the decade.