HeatWave in Tamil Nadu – Alert

The last few days has seen the temperature rising with unofficial Heatwave in Tamil Nadu. Karur & Salem has seen two consecuvite days of 40 degrees while Chennai Airport has seen 100F recorded on both the occasions. Chennai Nungambakkam was not far behind with 36 degrees breached on both the days.

Neigbouring Andhra is seeing searing heat wave conditions with Ananatapur setting the all time record for highest temperatures recorded during the month while Vijayawada recorded the highest ever temperature in March for the last 10 years. Nellore recorded 40 degrees on Monday indicating that even coastal cities slightly north of Chennai have not been spared much.
While Tamil Nadu has been seeing fairly hot conditions over these days the tempeartures have been mostly in the region of 37 / 38 degrees with only Karur and Salem breaching the 40 degree mark. This is all set to change today with North Tamil Nadu coming directly under the impact. We could pretty much say now HeatWave in Tamil Nadu has arrived and is set to push up the mercury up North by a few notch.


Models indicate the day time temperatures in some parts of the interior North Tamil Nadu is likely to see the temperatures reach on an average 4 to 5 degrees above normal while coastal cities like Chennai could see temperatures about 3/ 4 degrees above the average temperatures at this time of the year. We are likely to see quite a few 40s’ today in Tamil Nadu with some chance of places closer to Chennai as well set for the 40 record particularly around the North & Western Suburbs. The highest temperature recorded in Chennai over the last 10 years is 37.7 in the year 2011 and there is a fair chance it could be under pressure today.