Hot, Humid Chennai. Chennai Summer Days return

Yesterday saw Chennai Summer days show its face to remind the citizens its that time of the year to talk about the searing Chennai heat.  Nungambakkam recorded 36°C the highest of the year 2016 so far while Chennai Airport recorded 37.8°C which is the highest for 2016 so far.   Similarly in the interior places of Tamil Nadu both Karur and Salem have become the first places in Tamil Nadu to record 40°C in 2016.

Whole of South India is under fairly blazing conditions with most places in Andhra & Telengana recording temperatures in the region of 39 / 40°C with Kurnool joining Anantapur in the list of places recording 42°C today.  Similarly parts of Odisha are also seeing extreme heat wave conditions as well with the capital Bhubaneswar recording 41.7°C the highest of 2016 so far.


Things are going to be pretty much the same today as well as Hot and Humid conditions are likely to continue all across the region with parts of Andhra & Telengana along with adjoining regions of Vidharbha and Odisha likely to see searing conditions during the day time with temperatures expected to be around 40°C over many places of the interior regions.

Tamil Nadu is likely to see another hot day right through the state with a few places once again looking to record temperatures in the region of 38 / 39°C while the coastal areas could be marginally better off temperatures in the North Coastal Tamil Nadu staying around 36 / 37°C while coastal places south of Pondy / Karaikal could see day time temperatures settle around 34°C.

For Chennai Summer type of conditions are likely to continue today as well with hot and humid weather likely to prevail during the day time as temperatures are once again expected to be in the region of 36 / 37°C while the interior suburbs could see higher temperatures by a degree or two compared to the places closer to the sea.  Sea Breeze is likely to moderate the temperature late in the afternoon providing some marginal relief from the afternoon heat.