Heat Wave Conditions to impact Central India, possible rains in Kerala

Heat wave conditions that has been impacting most parts of South India is likely to see some respite over the next couple of days.  With new temperature records being set for the highest recorded temperatures at various places it was making life unbearable for the common public with erstwhile Andhra Pradesh bearing the brunt of this heat wave.

In what is likely to be a welcome news for those in South India starting from tomorrow the heat wave like conditions are expected to shift slightly North to impact areas in Central India, Odisha & Jharkhand and some parts of the Gujarat coast.  Towards the weekend the hot daytime conditions are likely to spread over parts of Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan as well.  As things stand going by numerical weather models it is going to be a fairly hot weekend in these areas.


While South India is unlikely to see complete relief from the hot weather we could see a respite from the oppressive conditions that has been prevailing over the last few days.  Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu will once again come under the moderating influence of the Easterlies keeping the temperature under check for us.


In the meanwhile like the last couple of days places in the West Coast of South India could get some isolated rains today as well thanks to the still persisting weak upper air circulation over Interior Karnataka.  Triggering a wind confluence over Kerala & South Karnataka this creates the necessary instability needed for providing some rains over these areas.  There is a possibility of some isolated heavy rains over parts of Kottayam, Pathanamthitta & Allappuzha districts of Kerala.