Rains likely to continue until well into New Year

Weather Update

It is not often one gets to see weather models consistently showing rains during the early days of January. As the old saying goes “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” people in Chennai may feel good about possible rains during the month of January as it gives them a better platform to tackle upcoming summer months on the Drinking water front.

Head little south towards the Delta districts where farmers get ready for harvesting their crops after months of hard work will be a worried lot on hearing possible rains closer to Pongal. In particular during the last few days of the life cycle of Paddy Crops, just before harvest, a few mm of rains also could end up destroying months of hard work.

In this context it becomes relevant to not only look at possibly providing weather outlooks for the immediate days ahead but slightly medium to long term to provide some assistance for farmers who could be better prepared and may be advance harvesting if need be to mitigate possible washouts.