Rains likely over Coastal Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

It is mentioned often Nature runs at its own pace & Monsoon is no different. If one looks at the Daily Rainfall Chart for TN & PDC for yesterday the variance as on date would be showing more than 1000% on account of the wonderful rains the interior parts of the state received on New Year eve. With the long term average for the winter rains being 30 mm, the first day of the year has brought in more than 40% of the quota.

Weather models starting from the Long Range Outlooks have been consistent for some time now about possible rains during January in what is likely to be an extended Northeast Monsoon for Tamil Nadu. The way things are now churning this is now becoming slowly a very high possibility as operational models have started preparing one last possible heavy rainfall episode for coastal Tamil Nadu before the state celebrates its most famous festival, Pongal, which coincides with the harvesting period for most parts of the state.