Perfect Northeast Monsoon day on the cards. Isolated Morning Rains to continue

In what could possibly considered as the first proper Northeast Monsoon Day Chennai has been seeing early morning rains. Northeast Monsoon unlike its famous cousin Southwest Monsoon is known for Early Morning Rains with maximum rains occurring between 12:00 AM and 9:00 AM in the coastal areas.  Today we could see the rains continue over Coastal Tamil Nadu well into the early part of the day.


These isolated spell of rains is likely to continue during the early part of the day across Coastal Tamil Nadu from Chennai to Delta region.  The storms are expected to move from Northeast to Southwest.  We could see cloudy weather dominate for most part of the next few hours as the storms in the sea make their way over land.  Going by current satellite image possibly the places to the South of Chennai could enjoy the better spells.


While the Bay Low Pressure has intensified into a Well Marked Low it is expected to become a depression in the next 24 hours or so.  Currently located near Andaman it is expected to move in a West / Northwest direction as it intensifies.  Models indicate a more pronounced Northwest movement as it intensifies into a possible Tropical Cyclone.  Depending on how close the system comes towards Tamil Nadu coast before possible North movement would decide our progress of Northeast Monsoon in the coming days.

Be assured as the system develops and the Track & Intensity evolves COMK team will be there to provide you with clear inference on what could be expected on the weather front.