North Tamil Nadu enjoys a good day of Rains

As Southwest Monsoon picks up momentum yesterday was a very good day of Rains for North Tamil Nadu with many places in the state enjoying moderate to heavy thunderstorms including the state capital Chennai.  Both the observatories in Chennai recorded more than 1 cm of rains with Nungambakkam recording the rains during the afternoon while the airport observatory recorded during the late evening. Parts of North Chennai were reported to have seen hailstorms as well indicating the unstable atmosphere that prevailed yesterday.

Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur, Villupuram and Tiruvannamalai districts enjoyed the bulk of rains as these places saw thunderstorms move extremely slow over the region providing some heavy spells of rains during the evening. In what could be a good development among the three major water sources for Chennai, Red Hills, Poondi & Chembarambakkam, only Poondi missed out on good rains yesterday.

Thanks to the remnant clouding that is likely to persist over early part of the day across most parts of North Tamil Nadu the temperatures are expected to stay south of normal in these areas while almost all of the erstwhile composite Andhra Pradesh could see typical monsoon day conditions with cloudiness prevailing over most parts of the day and possibly followed by evening thunderstorms.

South India is likely to see active rain conditions today as well with possibly Rayalaseema region in line for the best spells of rains.  Today we could see South Tamil Nadu also get good rains while North TN could possibly see a slightly subdued activity compared to yesterday.  Nevertheless we could possibly see some isolated rains around North TN as well.



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