Chennai Thunderstorm Season – All set to Kick Start

After what has been a long wait, since the landfall of Vardah, for Chennai and its residents the first meaningful spell of rains is not very far away now.  Yesterday saw isolated rains in many parts of the city during the late afternoon, subsequently another spell of rains closer to midnight gave some rains to a few places including the IMD observatory in Nungambakkam which recorded about 2 mm of rains.

These rains though did not bring much relief to the residents though on what was the hottest day since 2014 for both  Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam.  Yesterday also was the first day since 7th June 2014 both the observatories have recorded above 41°C on the same day during the month of June.

As we had mentioned in our yesterday’s post things are evolving towards Bay of Bengal hosting the first Monsoon depression of the season as a developing Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation in Central Bay starts to churn.  This is likely to improve the monsoon surge over peninsular India in the days to come bringing much needed momentum.  In the meanwhile the UAC over Arabian Sea is likely to descend into a LPA today and the interplay dynamics betweent hese two disturbances is likely to create unstable atmospheric conditions over Peninsular India for the next few days making it ripe conditions for summer thunderstorms aided by the day time convective heating.

Things are looking up for the Summer thunderstorm season to start for Chennai with effect from today. Its difficult to exactly predict the likely locations of summer thunderstorms thanks to a lot of factors that need to fall in place not to forget favorable wind pattern as well.  But things have certainly fallen in place for the wait for Chennai Rains to end soon.

Numerical Models indicate the possibility of late evening summer thunderstorms in a few places that could be moderate to heavy along the East coast of Peninsular India The stretch between Nagappattinam to Nellore is ideally placed to witness these thunderstorms though the exact region would possibly depend on how the wind pattern evolves.  There is a fair chance for Chennai and surrounding areas to get a go at these thunderstorms so our clock in effect starts ticking from today.

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