Night Time Weather in Tamil Nadu set for a dip

This year’s winter has seen weather in Tamil Nadu pretty much stay on the warmer side for most of the time. Even interior places of Tamil Nadu have been fairly warm most of the time except for one spell around the middle of January.   With the advent of February the chances of any more cold spell becomes lesser as Indian Subcontinent starts reacting to the movement of Sun.

Yesterday saw Kannur in Kerala record 37.6°C while few places in Telengana & Rayalseema recorded day time temperatures in excess of 36°C.  This trend of warm day time temperature is set to continue with most places in the West Coast set to see day time temperatures in the region of 35°C while one or two places in Coastal Karnataka & Coastal Kerala could see temperatures touch 37°C.


Parts of Telengana is expected to see heat wave like conditions continue with more places set for day time temperatures of around 37°C.  Temperatures would be quite oppressive in the Northern Telengana region with places like Nizamabad / Adilabad etc seeing very hot day time weather.

Day time weather in Tamil Nadu is expected to be warm across the state except for the hill stations where pleasant conditions are expected.  Coastal TN will continue to see better weather conditions compared to the interiors as has been the case for the last week or so.


Night time temperatures are expected to take a dip in the interior places of Western Tamil Nadu.  Places like Tirupathur / Dharmapuri etc which was seeing night time temperatures around 18°C will start to dip down to about 16°C once again for the next couple of days.   The spill over effect of this will be visible in the North Coastal places as well with temperatures set to drop down by a degree or two over the next day or two.  All in all pleasant night & early mornings conditions are set to continue for a few more days over most parts of North & West Tamil Nadu.

Chennai to see warm day time conditions with temperature settling around 31 /32°C while nights & early mornings will see the temperatures settling around 21°C in the city and possibly closer to 20° in the suburbs.