Cool Mornings in Chennai to continue for day or two

The start of February has seen the return of Cool Mornings to Chennai.  Yesterday saw the minimum temperature drop a notch or so compared to the previous week or ten days.  Today Chennai has seen a cooler morning with the IMD Weather Station in Nungambakkam recording lower temperature compared to yesterday.

Thanks to the clear skies the pattern of Diurnal Pressure is more pronounced over Peninsular India with a localized High Pressure Area sitting to the West of Chennai.  Due to the presence of this High Pressure Area early mornings see a more pronounced Westerly Land Breeze moving into Chennai bringing down the temperature along with it.



This situation is expected to remain the same for the next couple of days providing for cool mornings to Chennai.  This localized High Pressure Area is also responsible for the dip in temperature over the interior places as well. Tirupathur saw a minimum of 16°C yesterday a good 5 degrees lower than Sunday.  Forecast charts show West Interior TN will continue to see temperatures around 16°C till Thursday possibly.


Parts of Telengana & Andhra along with a few areas in Vidharba are expected to see heat wave like conditions continue for today as well with many places in these regions expected to touch around 37°C as day time maximum temperature. Overall most parts of Peninsular India would see temperatures about 1 – 3°C more than normal.  Chennai will continue to see day time temperatures in the region of around 31 / 32°C


Night time temperatures are expected to be closer to normal for most parts of Tamil Nadu and particularly the areas around Dharmapuri, Vellore & Krishnagiri districts could see a fairly cold morning with temperatures dipping to about 17°C at many places. North Karnakata & parts of South Interior Maharasthra will see slightly above normal night time temperatures.  Chennai’s minimum temperature could be around 21°C while suburbs could see sub 20°C temperatures during early mornings.