Weather in Andhra & Telengana continues to be hot

The last few days has seen heat wave like weather in Andhra & Telengana particularly in the interior places. Nandigama near Vijayawada recorded the first 100°F mark in South India for this year on Monday. While yesterday was not as bad as Monday the overall temperatures continued to be in excess of 36°C in many places across the region.

The day time temperatures are expected to be above normal for most parts of the interior Peninsula with parts of Telengana, Rayalseema and interior Karnataka continuing to see temperatures in the region of 36 / 37°C.  Like a couple of days back there is a good chance of one or two places in the erstwhile unified Andhra to touch the 100°F mark today as well.  Overall weather in Andhra is expected to stay hot for the next couple of days at the least. 3_2

While North Tamil Nadu seems to be staying away from these hot conditions Interior TN is seeing fairly hot weather already with Salem being the first town of Tamil Nadu to record in excess of 35°C yesterday.  Things are expected to remain the same in this region with possibly a few places in South Interior TN also seeing fairly hot conditions today.  There is a fair possibility one or two places in South Tamil Nadu like Tirunelveli & Madurai to inch closer to the 35°C mark.


Night time weather is expected to remain moderate over most parts of Peninsular India.  This is going to be the last few days of winter for South India with the minimum temperature expected to show a slow but firm increase in the days to come.  Parts of North TN that has been seeing pleasant conditions will enjoy another day of moderate winter conditions before the pattern changes.

Chennai to see day time temperature around 32°C with night time temperature settling around 22°C