Trend of Warm Winter in India set to continue

This year winter in India has been fairly moderate at most of the times and more often than not has been warmer than what people have been expecting.  In sync with how global patterns have been showing up the incidences of cold wave conditions have been far lesser in North India as well.

Things are expected to remain the same over the next few days with mostly warmer than normal weather conditions expected to prevail over most parts of the country.  With the peak winter season behind us effectively we could say this winter season has  been pretty much a non starter and is expected to remain the same until the “Earth Clock” changes to a new season in another couple of fortnights or so.


As one can observe from the Temperature anomaly chart for the next 5 days, across the country the temperatures are expected to be above normal with parts of Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh seeing fairly warm temperatures compared to this time of the year.

Except for Jammu & Kashmir its going to be the same scenario right across thanks to the impact of the Western Disturbance inducing some precipitation Kashmir Valley & upper reaches of Himalayas could see cooler than normal weather conditions prevail.  All in all Winter in India is expected to be warm over the next week or so.

Peninsular India could see closer to normal temperatures which could mean slightly cool mornings for us while the days continue to become warmer with each passing day.

Chennai will see another warm day with temperatures inching towards 32°C as day time high while the night time minimum will continue to be around 22°C.   The next few days models indicate the day time temperatures in Chennai to be about 1 – 2°C above normal while night time temperatures are expected to be closer to normal.