Monsoon Withdrawal Gets Start Signal Again

Weather Update

Since 6th of October Monsoon withdrawal has been stuck like an Express Train waiting at Home Signal to enter the destination station. Finally after two weeks the signal has changed from red to Yellow allowing the Monsoon Withdrawal express to proceed with caution.  In all this while the Southwest Monsoon Express stood at home signal waiting to pull into its destination the Northeast Monsoon express that is expected to start its journey has seen its departure delayed due to late arrival of the incoming pairing train (Southwest Monsoon).

With Proceed with Caution signal now finally given & wind charts indicating the signal would soon turn to green once the current Well Marked Low over the Bay completes its life cycle in a couple of days it will be a matter of time before the passengers awaiting the departure of Northeast Monsoon can start hearing the pre departure announcements.  The well marked low is expected to become a depression & possibly intensify into a deep depression as it moves in a NE direction brushing along the East India Coast.

Wind charts indicate some isolated thunderstorms may happen today due to wind instabilities at 3 kms ASL altitude.  The last couple of days wind charts have promised much but little have happened for North TN areas it remains to be seen how much would actually materialize. The good news for AP & Telangana with the Monsoon low drifting NE is though there could be rains in the next couple of days it will be much lesser than the earlier scenario of low moving over Peninsular India which some of the models were suggesting.

While we await for Southwest Monsoon to complete its journey and allow Northeast Monsoon to depart, albeit with a delay, lets hope NEM express makes up time (deficit) during its journey like the legendary 12622 Tamil Nadu Express makes up between BZA & MAS