Mild Winter Mornings for Chennai ahead

As the effect of the trough faded away many places including Chennai started seeing the skies clear out from yesterday.  Clearer skies meant yesterday saw a fairly warmer day in Chennai compared to Saturday.  Similarly today early morning saw the night time minimum temperature drop by about a degree and a half compared to Sunday morning indicating the dryness that is creeping into the atmospheric conditions over Peninsular India

With no synoptic conditions likely to influence Peninsular Weather in the days to come we are likely to see mild winter conditions return early mornings to places in North Tamil Nadu including Chennai.  While the minimum temperatures are not going to be sub 20°C in the places closes to the coast we are likely to see the suburbs of Chennai stay around 20/21°C while the city areas could see morning temperature around 22°C for the next few days.

Due to clear skies days are likely to be warm and skin UV radiation is likely to be on the higher side as well for most part of Peninsular India.  South Tamil Nadu & adjoining parts of Kerala could see isolated passing showers in one or two places but the overall environment will be on a drier outlook across large swathes of Peninsular India.

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