Cool Nippy Start to February expected for Chennai

The suppressed atmospheric conditions has brought back the last phase of winter for Chennai.  After almost a week / ten days of minimum temperatures hovering around 23- 25°C for both the Chennai observatories yesterday saw both Airport & City IMD observatories record almost 2 degrees lesser than the previous day with today’s temperature trending slightly lower than yesterday.

Going by available indications the next couple of nights could see marginally lower than normal minimum temperatures over most parts of North Tamil Nadu including Chennai.  The interior places like Vellore / Tirupathur could once again move towards the 15 / 16°C minimum temperature band.

Models indicate most parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu to come under the influence of land breeze due to the high pressure taking control of weather pattern.  This in turn is expected to get the minimum temperatures to dip slightly below normal and in one or two places in the interiors appreciably below normal over the next few nights.

South & West suburbs of Chennai could see a nice nippy cool start to February with slightly misty conditions in the early morning.  The city areas closer to the coast though could see sea moderating the early morning temperatures.

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