Drier Weather to prevail over Tamil Nadu, Cooler mornings to return

After few days of rains in Tamil Nadu things eased yesterday to a great extent with rain quantum reducing and the spatial spread also getting lesser.  Most parts of delta districts saw fairly dry conditions except for some isolated rains in Tiruchirapplli district as West Interior & South Tamil Nadu areas got the better rain spells.  

Like the previous day yesterday also saw the places further away from the coast get heavier rains thanks to moisture migration across the land area and subsequent instability due to ground heating.

Most parts of Tamil Nadu is likely to see dry weather conditions today with possibly parts of South TN seeing isolated rains along with the neighbouring areas of Kerala.  The rains are unlikely to be very heavy today like the last few days and could be restricted to a few places.

North Tamil Nadu areas could return back to cooler mornings compared to the last few days as the minimum temperature is expected to dip by a couple of degrees under clearer skies and dry conditions.  Day time conditions could become marginally warmer though simultaneously.

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