Isolated Rains over Coastal Tamil Nadu

Under the influence of the strengthening Easterlies some of the coastal areas have been getting light rains in Delta districts and in one or two places in South TN.  Chennai & rest of North Tamil Nadu though is still to fall under favorable conditions.  Overall though the weak phase of Northeast Monsoon continues with no major improvement expected until the end of the official season on December 31st morning 8:30 AM.

With the current deficit at -5% looking at how things are being estimated by numerical weather models we could possibly see overall deficit end at around 6 or 7% lesser than long term average.  A major credit for the year ending within the normal range has to go to two spells one during the first week of November & Cyclone Ockhi which gave a lot of rains as it moved into Arabian Sea.

The moisture laden Easterlies from the Bay is likely to give rains to a few places in South Tamil Nadu & Delta districts.  Chennai & North TN are getting the more drier continental winds till today hence the rain prospects have been poor.  Tomorrow morning the winds are expected to move in from Bay bringing some light rains during day break tomorrow possibly.