Hot Weather in India set to continue over East & Peninsular Region

The last two days have seen Hot Weather in India prevail over a few pockets of East & Peninsular regions.  Bhubaneswar in Odisha has recorded in excess of 39°C for the last 2 days while Kannur & Kottayam set their highest ever February temperatures yesterday.  More than 10 places crossed the 100°F mark yesterday indicating the heat wave like conditions that has gripped Peninsular India & East India.

This Hot Weather in India is likely to continue under the impact of still continuing  El Nino and pretty much dry weather prevailing over most parts of the country has resulted in Heat Wave like Conditions in India set at many places.  Additionally this year has seen the absence of strong Western Disturbances which moderate the temperatures over most parts of the country.  The extreme hot weather is set to continue for the next couple of days as well.


With dry land winds blowing over most parts of Peninsular India, the day time temperatures are set to increase across the region.  Telengana, AP & Odisha are likely to see another extremely hot day right across with a fair chance for the first 40°C happening during this weekend.  Similarly the West coast is also likely to see very hot weather conditions with one or two places in North Kerala / South Karnataka in line to possibly cross 37 / 38°C once again.

As with the rest of the region Tamil Nadu is also likely to see an increased day time temperature with the interior places likely to see more places inch closer towards the 35°C mark.  Places like Salem / Namakkal / Karur / Dharmapuri & Vellore are likely to see temperatures in the high 30s’.

Chennai is likely to see a day time max of about 32 /33°C while the night will continue to remain fairly warm with the minimum temperature possibly settling around 24 / 25°C.