2016 starts with the Abnormally Warmest January on Record

2016 has started off setting the record for the Warmest January over the last 137 years according to data released by NASA.   A few weeks back we had carried about how 2015 was the warmest year on record and it appears 2016 is continuing where 2015 has left off.

Under the influence of what is now officially classified as the most intense El Nino the temperature records continue to be set month after month.  NASA a few days back had released data about this year’s January being the warmest January ever recorded.  Compared to 2015 this year’s average Global temperatures for January has been roughly 0.33°C warmer.


At 1.13°C it is not only the the warmest January in terms of anomaly but the warmest month ever breaking the 1.11°C which December 2015 set not far ago. Subsequently data released by other agencies like JMA, NOAA have confirmed the findings of NASA, this month is now the warmest January ever recorded.  jan_wld

While JMA uses a slightly different way of calculating the anomalies it pretty much sumps up how hot January 2016 has been.  2016 is the first January to cross 0.5°C anomaly in the last 125 odd years.

It is interesting to see how this year’s January temperature compares to last year. The look at the anomaly difference between 2015 and 2016 pretty much sums up the winter which North America is going through particularly Canada & Northeast USA.  Temperatures have shot through the roof this year across the region except for the West Coast which has seen cooler temperatures last year.

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While China and a large parts of Central Asia has seen much lower temperatures this year, almost all of SE Asia and the Indian Sub Continent along with the Middle East has seen a much warmer January this year compared to last year.


While according to NOAA 2016 January is now the hottest globally, for the Northern Hemisphere land area it is only the 3rd warmest with 2007 seeing the hottest January ever.  Nevertheless the overall numbers from the various agencies confirm the warmest January on record for the year 2016.  Under the effect of an El Nino event which has now peaked we could see possibly February be in line for a possible warmth record as well before we could see some respite.