Heat Wave Conditions to Continue over Peninsular India

Heat Wave Conditions  continue to prevail over many places of Peninsular India and East India as the mercury touched 40°C for the first time in 2016 in India with Bhubaneswar becoming the first place in the country to record higher than 40°C for the year.  Many places in Andhra & Telengana like Nizamabad, Ramagundam, Tune & Nandigama were not far away as they recorded more than 38°C yesterday.

Going by models it is going to be a couple of days before these heat wave conditions are expected to subside with another extremely hot day ahead for most parts of Peninsular & East India.  While yesterday saw temperatures spike in a few places today we could see fairly wide spread increase in temperatures with pretty much entire Andhra & Telengana expected to record more than 36°C across the region with a few places in Telengana & adjoining Odisha expected to touch 40°C once again.


Thanks to the heat wave conditions almost all of AP parts of North Interior TN is also expected to see some impact with possibly places like Tiruttani / Vellore seeing extremely hot day ahead.  The coastal zone of Tamil Nadu could be moderated by the impact of Sea while most parts of interior TN is expected to see fairly hot conditions all over.