Hot Dry Weather holds firm over Tamil Nadu

The trend of hot and dry weather in Tamil Nadu has been continuing with yesterday being no exception.  Neyveli and adjoining places were the only lucky ones to receive some light rains with most places only seeing hot land winds right through the day.

To make matters worse for the Chennaites sea breeze pretty much sat off the coast most of the evening like a Train waiting at the outer signal to enter the platform.  The last few days has seen very less of convective instability in the atmosphere to trigger thunderstorms more often than not the sea breeze has been the trigger to bring those isolated rains, yesterday with sea breeze not moving in on time meant the rains were a miss for most parts of North TNWeather_Update_1

South Tamil Nadu is likely to see another hot day in most places with cities like Madurai, Trichy etc seeing temperature stay close to 40 degrees.  There is a slight possibility of one or two places in the region getting isolated rains which could possibly influence the evening temperatures.  North TN could see marginal increase in temperatures compared to yesterday though models indicate a late entry for sea breeze today with places to the North of Chennai enjoying sea breeze around 5 in the evening while the city could possibly see a weak sea breeze happen little later.


Southern Peninsular India could see lesser rains an indication of possibly slowing down of the monsoon for the region as the Land Depression that is evolving in Central India hold firm control over the dynamics.  Heavy Rains are likely to be concentrated around the depression area with the monsoon surge directed towards the Well Marked Low.  One or two places in Tamil Nadu could get some isolated thunderstorms but the overall pattern would be towards drier weather.