Welcome Rains in Chennai brings some respite though hot day ahead

After a hot few days rains in Chennai last evening brought much needed respite with many parts of the city getting fairly good rains.   In what was possibly the hottest since June middle both Chennai observatories clocked close to 37 degrees making it an uncomfortable day.  While Puzhal recorded 29 mm rains through the evening the highest in the city the IMD observatory in Nungambakkam recorded 20 mm & Meenambakkam recorded 17 mm.  In a clear indication of how the storms intensified closer to the coast not many places in Tiruvallur & Kanchipuram districts recorded these rains with the city observatories scoring higher than the suburban areas.


With hot days still on the cards yesterday being no exception when most areas of Tamil Nadu saw above normal temperatures we are likely to see another hot day in the region particularly South Tamil Nadu which could see many places end up with temperatures near 40 degrees and one or two places comfortably crossing it as well.  While models also indicate a steep increase for North TN as well the overnight rains in Chennai and surrounding areas could provide for some early morning cloudiness.  In the event this clears up early we could see a hotter day than yesterday in Chennai & surrounding places as well.


The Land Depression currently lying over Central India has been giving very heavy rains over the region with Satna in Madhya Pradesh getting close to 375 mm rains in about 36 hours up to 5:30 yesterday evening of which almost 25 cms have fallen in 9 hours yesterday.  Similarly places like Guna, Sagar has got more than 100  mm rains during the same period.  The depression is expected to  move in a W/SW direction towards West India bringing in heavy rains over the region for the next couple of days.  Parts of Vidharba, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh could receive heavy rains today as well.


In Southern Peninsular India thanks to the offshore trough South Karnataka & parts of North Kerala could see isolated heavy rains particularly around the Malnad region & parts of Wayanad district in the lower reaches.  Isolated rains are likely to continue in Tamil Nadu with places in Delta region & one or two places in North TN likely to see a spell of convective thunderstorms develop after what is likely to be a very hot day.   Could we see another day of Rains in Chennai, there exists some possibility of thunderstorm developing in the region though the trigger will depend on how sea breeze behaves today.