Isolated Rains in Tamil Nadu on the cards after another hot day

Yesterday saw Isolated Rains in Tamil Nadu particularly around the extreme coastal North Tamil Nadu and adjoining parts of South AP.  The evening thunderstorms happened after a fairly warm day across the state, the pattern is expected to be similar today as well in what is expected to be another hot day across the state.Weather_Update_1

Temperatures in South Tamil Nadu is expected to be on the hotter side with many places in the interiors looking at a day time maximum of around 38 / 39 degrees.  North Tamil Nadu will have marginally lower temperatures in the region of around 36 degrees with one or two places inching closer to 37 degrees.

In the meanwhile the monsoon dynamics have started to show up over East India in the region around Bihar, Jharkhand where the monsoon low currently over land is expected to intensify into a well marked low aided by the monsoon trough.  Under the influence of this monsoon low there could be heavy rains in the region along with adjoining parts of UP & MP.  There is a fair possibility of some heavy rains happening around the Terai region on the foothills of the Himalayas in one or two places under orographic effect provided by the Himalayas.



In the South isolated rains in Tamil Nadu is a fair possibility through evening thunderstorms while parts of South Coastal Karnataka could be under a spell of heavy rains with one or two places in the Malnad highlands around Chickmagaluru / Shimoga getting very heavy rains today.