Hot Day time Conditions to take a break in Tamil Nadu

Coinciding with the break in Southwest Monsoon was the hot day time conditions that were prevailing over most parts of Tamil Nadu over the past couple of weeks.  While most places were recording day time temperatures above 2 / 3°C a few managed to occasionally record up to 5°C above normal for this time of the year.  A couple of stations like Madurai even managed to notch up a 40°C as well to add to the mix. With monsoon slowly picking up over the west coast the streak of hot weather is likely to slow down.

With Monsoon slowly getting into revival mode the wind speeds have started to pick up indicating the increasing strength of the monsoon surge.  As of now aided by the Low over Central India and the persisting off shore trough between Maharashtra & North Kerala the conditions have improved over Konkan and Karnataka coasts while down South the situation is still to pick up pace as compared to the Northern parts of Peninsular India.

With Monsoon picking up the overall atmospheric moisture levels over Peninsular India increases drastically over a wider area leading to reduced temperature levels.  During break in monsoon period convective activities create very high moisture levels over a much smaller area triggering the late afternoon / evening thunderstorms.  For the next few days under active monsoon conditions we can expect lower day time conditions coupled with gusty surface winds under the impact of strong westerlies

West Coast particularly from Karnataka till Gujarat is likely to see active monsoon conditions prevail today as well.  Many places in Gujarat is likely to see heavy rains with one or two places expected to see very heavy rains with flooding a grim prospect in the state.  The ghat areas of Karnataka & Maharashtra could see increased rainfall activity as well.  Models indicate isolated rains might happen between Delta & Nellore stretch over Southeast Coast though it may not be of the high intensity thunderstorms that used to develop a few days back over Tamil Nadu.

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