Rains to ease over Tamil Nadu as Monsoon picks up

The rains arising out of the convective thunderstorms is likely to ease over Tamil Nadu as Southwest Monsoon is set to make a comeback over the West Coast.  The Monsoon low that started its journey over Northeast Uttar Pradesh along the foothills of the Himalayas has now moved to Central India as it continues to move West in the next day or two. 

This well marked low along with another disturbance that is evolving over North Bay is likely to bring life back into Southwest Monsoon that has gone missing since the start of July 2017.  What these twin disturbances will effectively do is to pull the “Monsoon Trough” currently parked along the Himalayas back over Central India triggering the revival of Monsoon along with it.  While the current Well Marked Low is expected to give good rains to the West Coast the UAC off the coast of AP / Odisha will possibly descend as a low pressure of its own over the next few days thereby maintaining the monsoon momentum.

With monsoon set for a revival the Southeast Coast of India will start to see a reduction in the convective thunderstorms.  We will have to remain spectators though a monsoon revival will go a long way in helping the water levels in the dams as Western Ghats & KK districts starts to see an increase in rainfall activity,  Today could see some isolated light rains in extreme North TN and some light thunderstorm activity over coastal South TN but overall subdued spell is getting started for Tamil Nadu.

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