Dull Weather in Tamil Nadu to continue

The convective thunderstorms have slowly eased over Tamil Nadu with yesterday seeing very little activity across the state except for some passing showers over few parts of North Tamil Nadu.  In the same context we are likely to see increased monsoon activity over parts of East India under the influence of the Low Pressure Area now straddling the Northwest Bay and adjoining parts of the Indian Sub Continent.

Under the influence of the LPA which is likely to become a Well Marked Low Pressure area fairly wide spread rains could be expected over Telengana and North Coastal Andhra Pradesh with few places getting heavy rains over the next day or two.  Isolated places could get very heavy rains in Chhattisgarh / Odisha / North Coastal AP near the Eastern Ghats region.

Over the West Coast monsoon is likely to show some signs of progress the heavier spells are likely to stay North of 13N possibly with places in Konkan likely to get isolated heavy rains.  Places in Western Ghats over Tamil Nadu could get some rains as rest of the state mostly sees dull weather.

While places in South Tamil Nadu is likely to see near normal day time conditions with warm weather prevailing places in North TN could see partly cloudy skies which will keep the temperature under check.  Places like Chennai could possibly see the maximum temperature stay a tad lower than the average for this time of the year.  The partly cloudy skies is unlikely to create a favorable temperature gradient to bring in sea breeze into equation making it a warm evening over the North Coastal Tamil Nadu region.

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