Southwest Monsoon Tamil Nadu District Highlights As of 15th July 2017

With Southwest Monsoon completing about a month and a half in its journey for the year 2017 over Tamil Nadu including one Break in Monsoon Period its time to look  back how things are so far.  Yes  Tamil Nadu is indeed a rainfall with possibly only the districts of Kanyakumari & Nilgiris directly benefiting from Southwest Monsoon in addition to the ghat areas of Coimbatore & Tirunelveli.  Nevertheless 15 of the 32 districts of Tamil Nadu receive at least 35% of its annual rainfall during Southwest Monsoon indicating the important role SWM plays for TN despite being a rain shadow region.

We had earlier carried a Tamil Nadu Highlights on July 1 with the daily rainfall data of observatories in Tamil Nadu this installment will be based on the district rainfall data courtesy IMD.

It is an irony that Sivaganga district in South Coastal Tamil Nadu has recorded more rains this year so far in comparison to traditional monsoon districts like Kanyakumari & Nilgiris.  In terms of absolute numbers Sivaganga has recorded 192 mm while Nilgiris and Kanyakumari has recorded 178 and 153 mm respectively for the first 3 fortnights of Southwest Monsoon 2017. A little to the South of Sivaganga on its own merit Thootukudi has created a different irony of sorts setting an unwanted record in the process.  Despite being the district that records the lowest rainfall during Southwest Monsoon it has managed to become the district with highest deficit so far getting only 2.9 mm against the average of 12.1 mm.

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As has been our usual practice we have created the entire analysis in a gallery form. The gallery features the following details

  • Importance of SWM to various districts in terms of contribution to annual rainfall
  • District wise Rainfall Status As of 15th July classified into various regions
  • Overall classification of districts for Tamil Nadu in terms of IMD defined Rainfall status

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