Easterly Surge to revive Northeast Monsoon Season

After missing in action for some time Northeast Monsoon is expected to get revived once again thanks to the support created by an Easterly surge around the weekend.  With patience wearing thing among the people of Tamil Nadu about what has been an extremely poor Northeast Monsoon so far in 2016.  To put things in perspective if we see the Daily Rainfall Card we have received about 1/3rd of our normal rainfall so far as of 10th November while for Northeast Monsoon 2016 to end the season normal we now are very close to needing double the normal rainfall for the remaining days of the season.  Weather_Update_3

Things should see a turn for the good during the coming weekend with the Easterly winds streamlining as mentioned in our yesterday’s post while an active phase of Easterly surge is likely to bring the much needed rains to parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu.  While the most active spell of Northeast Monsoon is likely to be after 20th November as we had outlined in our blog post a few days back the possible Easterly wave could give moderate to heavy rains in a few places.


In the meanwhile while the mini winter like conditions come to an end over North Tamil Nadu a bit of perspective on the temperature trends over Peninsular India.  As one can observe from the chart it is the Rayalaseema & North Interior Tamil Nadu that has been seeing the cooler than normal nights when one compares it with places further to the West.


Places like Tiruttani & Vellore that are much lower in altitude when compared to Dharmapuri / Salem has seen lower night time temperatures.  Similar is the case with Chennai AP recording lower night time temperatures than Coimbatore AP though there is almost 400 mts difference in altitude.  As a matter of fact Coimbatore saw the warmest night yesterday among all the stations studied.