Easterlies are back as Northeast Monsoon still awaits first widespread rains

Among the Weather Bloggers of Chennai Northeast Monsoon is an emotion.  No weather event is as keenly followed, discussed, debated and at times fought as well. This year’s Northeast Monsoon roller coaster is no different with the rains pretty much playing cat and mouse all season long.  As the wait for Rains continue for most places of Tamil Nadu the wind pattern has streamlined to an extent with the Easterlies slowly setting up over Bay of Bengal though suppressed conditions continue to prevail over the Indian Sub Continent on a more macro level.

This year’s Northeast Monsoon though has been pretty much a poor shadow of what we normally see with the state still to see good widespread spell of rains even though we are almost close to the “Ides of November”, the daily rainfall graph shows  the grim scenario that has unveiled so far.  Weather_Update_2

With only about 5 days seeing the daily rainfall for Tamil Nadu & Pondy touching the expected daily rainfall average the graph is marked by pretty much dry suppressed conditions almost right through.  If one ignores the rainfall South TN received around 12th of October on account of wind induced instability, rains from Northeast Monsoon, has been negligible.  The day IMD announced the onset 30th October was the only day when the daily rains were fairly widespread along the delta region and meaningful to say the least.


Hope though is the elixir of life, with Easterlies coming back into Peninsular India we could see some isolated rains over Coastal Tamil Nadu later in the night or early morning tomorrow.  Though the spells are unlikely to be widespread and heavy we could see one or two places get moderate spells of rains at times.  As each passing day has been making people of Tamil Nadu more desperate in their wait for rains  we hope with the expected arrival of MJO later in the month could kick start the first active phase of Northeast Monsoon 2016