Suppressed Weather conditions continue, first ray of hope around Weekend

The suppressed weather conditions continue to prevail over most parts of Peninsular India with dry winter like weather prevailing across Tamil Nadu except for extreme South Tamil Nadu.  Chennai has seen another fairly cool morning with temperature staying around the same levels as yesterday morning.  Anna Nagar clocked a minimum of 21.1°C while IMD recorded 22.4°C at Nungambakkam.

Weather_Update_1 The cloud cover chart indicates the story that has been prevailing for the last few days.  Most of Peninsular India is seeing almost zero cloud cover except for the extreme southern areas of Peninsular India.  This is reflecting in the weather pattern as well making the night time temperatures dip lower than normal while the days are warm and sunny.


Things are expected to improve around Sunday when the Easterlies get streamlined over Bay of Bengal bringing in improved moisture over Peninsular India.  Currently the trade winds are still not streamlined consistently after the change in wind pattern due to the Bay Depression a few days back.  With Easterlies streamlining the prospects of rainfall improve though the overall atmospheric conditions will continue to remain suppressed.  Things are expected to change for the good around 20th when the atmosphere makes a firm movement out of the suppressed phase.