Dry Weather in Tamil Nadu set to continue

In a pattern since the turn of the new year Dry Weather in Tamil Nadu is set to continue over most places of Tamil Nadu.  With winter establishing itself slowly over Peninsular India the chances of rainfall recede as days progress.

Weather in Tamil Nadu Synopsis: While Bay continues to be seen with very little moisture in a crucial development which could possibly play  a role in the rainfall prospects in the days to come.  As things stand except for winds at 1.8 kms altitude winds at all other levels are dry Westerlies.  This is visible in the wind charts for the day below.  With wind levels in opposite directions and no moisture support expecting rains under these conditions is pretty much futile.


While models show some isolated rains for South Coastal Tamil Nadu particularly around Toothukudi, Tirunelveli & Kanyakumari districts, the prospects of rains are very remote and possibly some passing showers / isolated rains may happen in one or two places at best of conditions


Day time temperatures in the West Coast is expected to be around 35°C like the last few days.  Yesterday saw 15 out of the 25 hottest places in the country was in Kerala & Karnataka coast we could see a repeat of the same today as well with most hottest places of the country from these two states.  The Interior Places of Tamil Nadu will see warmer day with temperatures touching 32°C in a few places with Weather in Tamil Nadu coastal places could be around 31°C.


Night Time Temperatures are expected to be slightly warmer than yesterday with places in South TN being warmer than normal thanks to the partially cloudy conditions which could occur in those region.  The High Ranges of Western Ghats will continue to see sub 10°C night time temperatures.  South Karnataka & Rayalaseema region will continue to be the coldest place among the plains.