Clearer Skies to aid Cold Weather in South India

The last few days has seen Weather in South India shift to Winter mode with most parts of the Deccan Plateau seeing a reduction in night time temperatures while the high ranges of Western Ghats have started seeing single digit minimum temperatures.   Ooty recorded 3.8°C to be one of the coldest places of the country.  While surprisingly Mysore in the Deccan Plateau recorded a very cold 10.6°C on 4th morning.

Weather in South India :

The clearer skies over most parts of the country has aided the arrival of winter in Peninsular India with the conducive environment created by the continuing High Pressure Zone in the area. The clearer skies are also responsible partially for the slightly warmer days as well with temperatures in most places staying a touch above normal over the country.

This phenomenon could also be attributed played by El Nino in the overall warmer Globe this winter.  Most climate researches expect 2016 to possibly be warmer than 2015 in the first half on account of the El Nino retaining its impact over global temperatures in the first few months.


West Coast will continue to see temperatures in the region of 35°C while closer home in Tamil Nadu interiors could have a slightly warmer day than the coastal areas in the East.  The High Ranges of Western Ghats would enjoy a salubrious climate with day time temperatures expected to stay in the region of 24°C, a similar condition likely to be enjoyed by the Eastern Ghats near Vishakapatnam around the Arakku valley / Lambasingi region.


Night time Temperature is expected to stay around 20°C for places like Chennai, Pondy on the East Coast with most places of North & West Interior TN seeing sub 20°C.  A few places in Nilgiris Biosphere could see sub 10°C today as well with possible ground frost condition.  South Interior Karnataka is expected to be under a firm grip of Winter with most places enjoying night time temperatures of sub 16°C.

Chennai Weather Update: Clear skies with a warm day around 30°C, at times it could be gusty during the afternoon.  Night time temperature expected to be around 21°C with the suburbs enjoying a colder morning compared to the city.