Season of Warm Winter in India continues

In what is a pattern developing regularly the season of warm winter in India seem never ending.  As has been the pattern this season since December except for occasions under the influence of incoming Western Disturbances the temperatures tend to stay on the higher side compared to climatological averages.

As one would observe in the below 5 day outlook chart except for parts of Peninsular India almost right across the country the temperature anomaly is consistently  higher setting the tone for the Warm Winter in India. While we carried a few days back places in the West Coast breaking long term records for highest December temperatures things are not very different up North as well.


Day time temperatures touching double digits does not happen often in Srinagar during the month of January.  Known as the Chilai Kalan the harshest period of Winter in Kashmir this season the temperatures are still staying above freezing level as this article from Rediff indicates. Old timers in Kashmir would proudly say during this period one should not be surprised if the boiling water on the stove freezes over.  But this year has been warmer than normal with not much snowfall happening having its impact on the Ski Resorts of the region.

In an indication of how mild this year’s Chilai Kalan has been the season’s first snowfall in Srinagar happened only after turn of the New Year .  Another indication of the Warm Winter in India is confirmed by the Kashmir Highway which is still open seeing lesser disruptions on account of Snowfall this year.


If one were to observe the Delhi temperature chart is is quite obvious unlike normal there are a lot of days when the day time temperature is in the low 20s’ and in some case mid 20s’ as well indicating the abnormal winter in India prevailing this time around.



Closer home fairly dry day expected over most parts of the Peninsular India with the interior places of Tamil Nadu seeing some warm weather while the coastal region continues to enjoy its mild winter.  As has been the case West Coast will continue to be the hottest region of the country.


Night time temperatures in the region is expected to be slightly warmer compared to the last few days with even the high ranges of Western Ghats enjoying a slightly more comfortable day.