Dry Outlook for Chennai over the next couple of days

While the West Coast has been active under Southwest Monsoon conditions Chennai has been seeing dry hot weather conditions prevail.  Yesterday the two Chennai observatories, Meenambakkam & Nungambakkam were the hottest IMD observatories in Tamil Nadu possibly indicating the strength of Westerlies which did not allow any chance for sea breeze to give early respite to the citizens of Chennai 

Southwest Monsoon has reached up to Gujarat in the West coast while it makes a small progress by reaching up to Kolkata in the East India.  Overall the progress over East India continues to be to be poor with Monsoon only reaching Upto Bangla / Bengal border. Normal context by 15th June Monsoon is expected to make its entry around the Eastern Borders of Uttar Pradesh.  The next few days are likely to see slow progress making it a tense few days for weather observers on the fate of June rains overall.

The Southern Parts of Peninsular India is likely to see mostly dry weather with rains restricted to Kerala and parts of South Coastal Karnataka as under the influence of the North moving Disturbance that made landfall over Bangladesh shores yesterday as a depression.  Parts of Maharashtra around the Konkan coast could see widespread heavy rains while some of this could push into the interior parts of the state as well along with many places of Telengana and Chhattisgarh which is likely to receive moderate to heavy rains in a few places.

As far as Tamil Nadu goes we are likely to see dry weather continue for another day or two before the possibility of rains return for us under the influence of a likely change in Wind pattern triggered by the East West Trough over Central India.  Chennai is likely to see hot day time conditions under strong westerlies with very late respite likely from sea breeze.

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